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Seminar on Legal and Poetic Values of Vanavil K. Ravi Concludes with Resounding Success at Amity University Lucknow
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The valedictory session of the highly anticipated seminar on the "Legal and Poetic Values of Vanavil K. Ravi" held at Amity University Lucknow campus concluded on a high note, leaving attendees inspired and enlightened.

The seminar, which saw a convergence of legal and poetic intellects, featured Vanavil K. Ravi as the Chief Guest, and esteemed Guest of Honour, Prof. Dr. Alka Pandey & Dr. N. Eshwar Reddy. The Seminar Director, Prof. N. Laxmi Iyar, added to the occasion's significance with her presence, alongside Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor of Amity University Lucknow campus, Wg. Cdr. Dr. Anil Kumar, and Dean Academics, Prof. Dr. Rajesh K. Tiwari. Chairperson Prof. (Dr.) J.P. Yadav ensured the event's resounding success.

The organizing team behind this intellectually stimulating seminar included convenors Dr. Amarendra Shrivastava and Ms. Jyotsna Singh, as well as co-convenors Dr. Taru Mishra and Ms. Anupriya Yadav. The valedictory session marked the culmination of several days of thought-provoking discussions, fostering a deeper understanding of the legal and poetic dimensions of Vanavil K. Ravi's work.

Throughout the seminar, participants engaged in rigorous debates and exchanged insights on the legal intricacies intertwined with Vanavil K. Ravi's poetic expressions. The event served as a platform for scholars, students, and enthusiasts to explore the profound connections between the fields of law and poetry, expanding their horizons and intellectual pursuits.

The successful conclusion of this seminar at Amity University Lucknow campus underscores the institution's commitment to fostering intellectual discourse and promoting interdisciplinary learning. With Vanavil K. Ravi as the central figure of discussion, attendees departed with a renewed appreciation for the legal and poetic dimensions of his work, undoubtedly carrying these insights into their future endeavors.
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