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Amity Law School Seminar Explores AI, Justice, and Advocacy in Modern Legal Landscape
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News Image Amity Law School, Lucknow : 
The two day National Seminar organized by the Amity Law School, Lucknow commenced on 22nd February 2024. "Unchartered Facets within the Legal Milieau Issues and Resolutions- A multidisciplinary approach" was the focal point of the seminar.
The chief guests, Sulkhan Singh, former DGP, Advocate High Court, and Preeti Mishra, Professor, BBAU were welcomed by Dean Academics W.G.CDR Anil Kumar Tiwari and the HOI of ALS Jay Prakash Yadav.
Shri Anil Kumar Tiwari highlighted an important point by questioning the use and responsibility with respect to Artificial Intelligence.
Prof (Dr.) Preeti Mishra accentuated on various facets of Artificial Intelligence. According to her, incorporating AI in our day to day life as well as our surroundings would play a key role in taking the nation forward towards a successful future.
Shri Sulkhan Singh placed emphasis on the fact that the more important thing than Law is the citizen's feelings for justice and decisions being formed. According to him, although the state is the lawmaker, it does not recognize that the laws aren't being made in the poor's welfare and well-being. Mr. Singh requested the students that when they become judges in the future, they must take care of the subject(s) that are benefitted from the laws being formed.
The keynote speaker, Asad Malik, viewed the themes of the seminar from the lens of advocacy. He stressed the need for globalization and prioritizing the rights of individuals for a nation like India. He further said that although jurisprudence propounds ethics in the realm of law, many still use AI software like ChatGPT, thus misusing the technology of AI. He concluded by stating that the topics of the seminar are very relevant for the modern world.
Dr. Taru Mishra expressed her warm greetings and gratitude towards the chief guests and everyone present in the seminar.
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