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PM Modi's Fiery Lok Sabha Speech Amidst Opposition’s Uproar
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News Image New Delhi : 
Aditya Amitabh Trivedii
New Delhi (Lok Sabha), 2nd July :
Amidst a raucous atmosphere, Prime Minister Narendra Modi began his much-anticipated speech in the Lok Sabha. As he addressed the House, opposition MPs created an uproar, continuously chanting slogans like "Give Justice to Manipur" and "Tanashahi Nahi Chalegi," leading to chaotic proceedings. Despite the commotion, PM Modi pressed on with his address, targeting the opposition and outlining his government's achievements and stance on key issues.

Targeting the Opposition—

In his speech, PM Modi remarked on the opposition's behavior, stating, "I can understand the pain of some people. Despite spreading continuous lies, they suffered a huge defeat." He continued to address the opposition amidst the chaos, with Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla reprimanding opposition leader Rahul Gandhi, asking him to stop inciting people.

Zero Tolerance Towards Corruption—

PM Modi attributed his government's success to its zero-tolerance policy towards corruption, emphasizing that their sole objective is "Nation First." He highlighted that the public has blessed his government for this reason.

Praise for New MPs—

Acknowledging the contributions of newly elected MPs, PM Modi praised them for their adherence to parliamentary rules and their valuable insights, which have enhanced the dignity of the House.

Critique of Congress—

PM Modi launched a scathing attack on Congress, contrasting their previous tenure filled with scandals to his government's achievements since 2014. He pointed out that before 2014, people had to run around MPs and MLAs to get gas connections or even ration, often facing corruption and inefficiency. He claimed that his government has changed this perception, ending the trend of scandals and inefficiency.

On Terrorism and National Security—

Addressing national security, PM Modi asserted, "The new India of today retaliates by entering the terrorists' homes." He assured the House that there would be no compromise with the country's security and that terrorists would be dealt with firmly.

Modernizing India—

PM Modi stated that India has now reached a position where it must compete with itself, maintaining the momentum gained over the past decade. He mentioned initiatives like making three crore women 'Lakhpati Didis' as part of this progress, emphasizing the rapid movement towards a modern India while staying connected to its roots.

Congress’s Electoral Performance—

Highlighting Congress's poor performance, PM Modi noted that for the first time in history, the party failed to cross the 100-seat mark for three consecutive terms. He advised Congress to honestly understand and accept the electoral mandate. Using a metaphor, he said, "When a child falls off a bicycle and gets hurt, adults often distract the child by saying, 'Look, the bird flew away,' to console them. Similarly, these people are consoling themselves."

Sarcastic Jabs at Rahul Gandhi—

PM Modi didn't hold back on sarcasm, recalling an anecdote: "A boy who scored 99 marks was boasting and showing everyone his marks. People praised him, but then the teacher asked why they were congratulating him. The teacher clarified that the boy scored 99 out of 543, not out of 100." This pointed reference was a clear jab at Rahul Gandhi and Congress's portrayal of their electoral performance.
Without mentioning Rahul Gandhi by name, PM Modi said, "Congress leaders have surpassed even the movie 'Sholay' in their rhetoric. They are saying - 'We've only lost for the third time.' Oh Mausi, Congress won 0 seats in 13 states, but they still consider themselves as hero. Oh Mausi, they've sunk the party, but at least the party is still breathing. I would say, do not celebrate a false victory. Try to honestly understand and accept the mandate given by the country.

Congress as a "Parasite Party"—

PM Modi sharply criticized Congress, stating, "From now on, Congress will be known as a 'parasitie Congress' post-2024. A parasite is one that feeds on the very body it lives with. This is the current state of Congress." He added that where Congress fought alone, their vote share plummeted, and their junior partners had a better strike rate.

Allegations of Spreading Chaos—

PM Modi accused Congress of spreading chaos, pitting regions and castes against each other, and creating economic disorder with unrealistic election promises. He said, "Congress is working under a calculated strategy to spread economic disorder in the country. The promises they made during the election were aimed at creating economic chaos."

Responding to Opposition Uproar—

PM Modi responded to the uproar by stating that Congress spreads lies with malicious intent. He warned that such behavior should be taken seriously and action needs to be taken against it. "It can no longer be ignored by calling it 'childish behavior,'" he asserted.

On Hindus and Tolerance—

Reflecting on the historical perspective, PM Modi quoted Swami Vivekananda's speech from 131 years ago in Chicago, expressing pride in a religion that teaches tolerance. He criticized the conspiracy to falsely accuse Hindus and stated that the country will never forget this.

Strengthening the Military—

PM Modi emphasized the need for a powerful and youthful military, criticizing Congress for weakening the armed forces during their tenure. He highlighted the scandals that prevented military strength and the lack of necessary equipment like bulletproof jackets during Congress rule.

NEET Paper Leak Issue—

On the issue of exam paper leaks, PM Modi assured the youth that the government is taking stringent measures to prevent such incidents. "Those who play with the future will not be spared," he warned.

Vigilance Against Divisive Forces—

PM Modi called for vigilance against individuals supporting divisive forces and ecosystems determined to ruin the country. He warned that every conspiracy would be answered in kind.

Sorrow and Assurance over Hathras Incident Victims —

Expressing sorrow over the Hathras incident, PM Modi assured that all possible help would be provided to the victims, extending his sympathies to them.

Defence Sector Reforms—

PM Modi highlighted unprecedented reforms in the defence sector, including the establishment of the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) position and progress towards theater commands. He underscored the Atmanirbhar Bharat (Self-Reliant India) initiative's role in making the military self-reliant and modernized.

In conclusion, PM Modi’s speech in the Lok Sabha was a blend of commendation, critique, and firm assertions. He addressed various issues while navigating through the opposition’s uproar, making his stance clear on corruption, national security, and economic stability.
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